CCD camera project

CCD camera project

CCD Camera

In 2010 I partook in a Bachelor project aiming to construct a CCD-based camera for astronomy. We chose to develop the camera around a Kodak KAF-0402 sensor but it should be able to handle most of Kodaks' KAF-sensors. On the bottom of this page you will find the report. I've started working on a English document for selected (successful) parts.


A CCD-based camera for astronomical use is constructed and completed to a large extent. The camera is built from scratch, mechanical and electrical design as well as software development is managed within the project. The housing and electronics were designed, built and tested but the software for connection to a terminal was not succesfully implemented before the end of the project and this limited the possibilities for testing of the camera. Completed subsystems are working properly and the remaining problems regarding completion of the camera have been identified. A simpel connection between computer and camera with adapted software -camera specific control code or a standardised driver- should enable final field testings of the camera.

PDF (in Swedish)

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