200 mm Dobson

Homemade 200 mm Collapsible Dobson

200 mm (8") f/4 primary, diffraction limited
Homemade 2" helical Crayford focuser
It takes about 10 min to assemble

I used 8 mm plywood for most of the telescope. The truss tubes and the focuser are made of aluminum. Teflon was used as plain bearings. The telescope collapses into a carry case for storage and transportation. The carry case also has room for a couple of eyepieces and other accessories. The helical Crayford focuser consists of a drawtube inside a ring. The ring has two slightly tilted pairs of ball bearings that allows the drawtube to move in and out when turned and a screw with a piece of teflon keeps it in place. The scope is very sturdy, although quite heavy.

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